With our flexible and soft graphene-enhanced interface materials for all
sorts of thermal management applications. And this is only the
beginning. Our products have the potential of changing every industry-
depending on heat dissipation- for the better. Using less energy, saving
time, money and our environment.

Behind FrostSheet

SHT Smart High-Tech AB is a company focusing on producing new heat-dissipating materials reinforced with graphene with a focus on cooling electronics, processors, graphics cards, LEDs, and other heat-sensitive and heat-intensive products. This is something that is essential to be able to develop high-performance electronics that are smaller, faster and lighter with more functionality- in a sustainable way.

We offer high-performance graphene-reinforced materials and associated process know-how. One example of our unique and innovative developments is our graphene-reinforced interface material “Thermal Interface Material”, called TIM, for electronics and power module cooling, which conducts heat efficiently both vertically and horizontally. TIM is found in our GT product series, which is available in different versions with different performances.  

We sell our products to international world-leading companies. China, Japan, South Korea, EU-countries and USA are our top markets and our products are mainly used for integration in the telecom, computer and automotive industries.


Our vision is to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of
nano-based solutions for all sorts of thermal management applications.
And thereby making a real contribution to a sustainable society.


From the lab to the home computer.

Smart High Tech was founded by Dr. Johan Liu, a professor at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden in 2006. Since the start the company has carried out ground-breaking research which has laid a solid foundation for the development of our products, enabling the company to grow continuously. Another important aspect of the evolvement of Smart High Tech has been to create long-lasting relations with key business partners in Asia, Europe, and USA.

Innovation has been at the core of the company since the very start and Smart High Tech is therefore also involved in several EU- and national innovation projects. Furthermore, Smart High Tech has recently set up a daughter company, Ruixi New Material High Tech Ltd in Shanghai, China for volume production of graphene dissipation pads for electronics in telecom, GPU, CPU and automotive industry.

Today, Smart High Tech has its own manufacturing facility for volume-based production for graphene based thermal interface material in Sweden.