FrostSheet is a cutting edge material that can transfer away heat from your hardware, faster than any other competitor.

The FrostSheet material is however fragile and therefore you must ensure to always follow the instructions provided for how to handle the product.

If you are new to working inside computers – please ask someone more experienced to help you out.

We will cover the following sections:

1. How to unbox

2. How to install

3. How to adjust dimension


Handle with care

1. Remove the protective foam by gently grabbing the
cut-out corner.
2. Use a pair of tweezers while handling
the thermal pad.
3. Follow the provided instructions for

Instruction Video

How to adjust and install FrostSheet


No more sticky paste or low performance pads

1. Shut off the computer and unplug the power supply

2. Carefully clean your CPU/GPU of old thermal paste
residue using a cotton swab and isopropanol alcohol.

3. If you need to customize the size of your FrostSheet? Follow the instructions below.

4. Carefully place the FrostSheet on the CPU/GPU with a
pair of tweezers.

5. Assemble everything together, ensuring maximum
contact between your FrostSheet and CPU/GPU.

6. Reboot. Bring on the heat and experience – the future of cool.


Change to a custome size

If your processor does not comply with any of our default sizes then you can manually adjust the size of the pad yourself.


- Measurement tool (rooler or measuring tape)

- Sharp knife

- Protective plastic gloves


1. Measure the size of the area you want FrostSheet to cover

2. Cut the FrostSheet pad with a sharp knife. Tilt the knife about 45 degrees while cutting.

3. Clean up! Make sure to clean and throw away all left over material and potential dust or particles.